Pat Anderson:

Position: Library Assistant / Cataloger

Back Ground: School Media ● Library Director in ND ● Thorson Memorial Library Alumni

When not at work you will likely find Pat spending time with her grandchildren, farming in ND, volunteering at church, or traveling with her sisters.

Fun Fact: Loves musical theatre.

Aaron Olson:

Position: Library Aid

Background: Attended College in Brainerd ●worked at Thorson Memorial Library for 15 years ● serves on the Pioneer Public Television advisory committee.

Aaron has an amazing memory and is our go to person when the rest of us can’t remember something. He is an integral part of the library’s staff, and often the first voice you will hear when calling the library.

When not at work you will likely find Aaron at his parents’ farm enjoying the outdoors, and working in the garden.

Fun Fact: Aaron likes animals and has been a horse enthusiast for years and has a loyal dog he keeps at the farm.

Susan Frykman:

Position: Children’s Services Coordinator

Background: School Readiness Programmer ● Early Childhood Teacher ● Parent Educator ● Concordia College Graduate

Susan is always looking for ways to share with others the importance of reading to their young children. Her favorite part of the preschool day was circle time where a good book can ignite a passion for reading in a child

When not at work you will likely find Susan spending time with her grandchildren, gardening, reading or quilting.

Fan Fact: She likes to go on quilt shop hops and add to her stash of unfinished projects! Susan enjoys hearing quilters’ stories and visiting about quilting tips and techniques.